Shreya Mundra

Shreya Mundra

Artemis Media Design

“After working for a little while upon the completion of my degree from the University of Nottingham, I decided to return to India. I had no major reason to come back. It just felt right at the time, and hence I did. After returning, I got a job here, which required me to work 10 hours a day, from ten in the morning to eight in the evening. Later, when I shifted to a nine-to-five job, I had a little time on my hands that I could put to good use. I work as a fun time employee in the Department of Marketing and Communications and really enjoy it.I have always wanted to start a business, and thus I started brainstorming about it. I realized that travelling had been a big part of my life. I have visited over 31 countries at the age of 26 and have experienced various cultures and art. It inspired me to incorporate this with marketing which is also something I love. Upon thoughtful consideration, I decided to start a business where I would realize the visions and bring alive the emotions that people want to convey through their businesses. I convert the obscure ideas of people and make them tangible. This brings me equal joy, as does my day job, even more so.Starting with a business is a challenge itself, but I noticed that a cloud of negative thoughts surrounds the people in India regarding entrepreneurship. It is thought of as something that will, for sure, be a failure, but despite all the uncertainty, I was able to start my business, and I am only thankful for it. With this business, I aim to help small businesses that I think will be the future of employment and revenue generation as well. This has been and will always be a goal of mine to bring about a positive change in any way possible, and I continue to work towards it.So, as I do with all my major life decisions, I advise everyone to do the same, make a pro and cons list, and you will be able to see what you want.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Media

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