Sowrabha Lakshman

Sowrabha Lakshman

Avsom Digital Solutions Pvt

"Growing up in an entrepreneurial home benefited me in sparking my passion for business at a young age. My father ran a fabrication factory on a medium scale. I also gained invaluable real-world business experience long before many of my peers began their path to entrepreneurship.When girls of my age played with kitchen sets, I used to play the role of businesswoman. I was always identified as bold, sportive, and a brave girl. I consider myself so fortunate to have grown up between entrepreneurs.I started my freelancing career when I was in college. I worked as a content writer for various start-ups. Writing is an intrinsic part of me, and I've always relished writing. I worked with companies like Lincode and Myntra. Last year I quit my job in Myntra, where I was working as a Content quality auditor.I got married in May 2020. I wanted to start my entrepreneurship journey long before, but due to financial problems, I couldn't. I and my best friend Varun, who is another co-founder of Avsom, shared the same goal of starting something of our own.We had enough knowledge and experience to start our own Digital Marketing Company. With all odds, we decided to give it a try and founded AVSOM DIGITAL SOLUTIONS.Avsom Digital Solutions is one of the best Digital Marketing service providers providing marketing solutions to clients. We offer Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Design and Development, Content Writing, and brand awareness services. In 2018, I founded the SOVI foundation. We have volunteers who cater to blood requirements by acting as a bridge between donors and receivers. I was awarded the 'She Inspires' award by the 'Be the Change' foundation in Hyderabad.If you have an idea and you are passionate about doing something about it, just start!! Once you start, nothing can stop you. Do your best, and the universe will take care of the rest."

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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