Shruti Sood

Shruti Sood

Morning Lazziness

“It was 2018 when I started working on the Morning Laziness thing on Instagram, wherein I put inspirational quotes every day to help people get out of their beds and move. It worked well for me until I went through a rough breakup. This changed my perspective completely, and I began to write about relationships. I realized that people out there needed some kind of solace and advice, and direction to get through a relationship at various stages. This is what I focused on and thus wrote about it.I received a lot of appreciation for my work, and that gave me a boost of confidence. I was working at a firm as a content creator at this time. After I changed my jobs, the blogging sort of took a back seat for a few months. Later I revived it as a personal blog, and with the response I got, I was shaken. People not only enjoyed my writing but also suggested/ asked me to cover various topics for them. They wanted to read about women leaders, fashion, health, etc., and I dived into this lake of opportunities head first. My blog took the shape of a digital magazine, and I loved it. Today I have more than 500 writers writing stories and informative articles for this magazine. They share their own experiences, and it has been an amazing journey.Digital magazines have extremely volatile traffic and viewers numbers that vary drastically from day to today. This causes anxiety and mental stress as a business owner because it basically measures your everyday efforts. My family has been very supportive of me in this, and I cannot thank them enough.Believe in yourself. YOU ARE SOMETHING. Know your worth and spend your time doing things that make you happy. Even an ant survives, but because you’re born as a human being, seize the powers. Life is much more than what we think. ”

State : Madhya Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Media

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