Ankana Saha

Ankana Saha

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“My business partner who is also my boyfriend has been my inspiration throughout the journey. As his birthday was approaching I wanted to make it special for him and given we were stuck in our homes due to the nationwide lockdown, I could not even meet him.We have been dating since class 11 and thus we have always gifted each other handmade gifts and love them. That is how the idea stemmed in our brains.The lockdown was surrounded by the clouds of negativity and bad news and thus we thought of bringing in some sort of joy through our crafting business idea. Without even a hint of what we are going to next, we started visiting stationaries to buy supplies. We worked really hard towards the initiation of this venture. Starting off we found it difficult to connect with people and increase our reach, but that was only for a few days. Later as our orders increased, the feedback we received filled my heart with pure joy. They told us how the gift has made them feel loved and joyous from within. I tested positive last year and it brought both of us close. This time was very difficult not just for us but also for the whole family. And I was determined to not give up on this and we fought through it together. Despite all the negative vibes surrounding us, We did not want to stop working towards this as we saw it as a silver lining.One thing that we have learned from this journey is that people need to fight through the bad times. Bad times and adverse situations are inevitable and it is upon us how we treat them either we fight back or give up. I say nothing can beat us down if we are determined t not to deter from our path. ”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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