Harshit Shashi

Harshit Shashi

Ohhphish Branding Solutions & Co.

"I was very sure that I wanted to become an entrepreneur while I was growing up. Entrepreneurship, for me, is all about serving and supporting others.While I was studying, I was also very much interested in my dad's business. I joined my dad's company in 2011 after completing my graduation. For the next five years together, we flourished the business, expanded multi-folds, innovated new products, solved new problems, and contributed in many ways to existing and new clients within India and neighbouring countries. This was only possible because I spent all the years educating myself, developing the mindset, observing, learning, un-learning, and creating possibilities for tomorrow.As a person, I'm inquisitive by nature, so the journey didn't stop here. I started asking myself that 'What is it I wanted to do for the rest of my life?'. The hunt began to find my life's purpose, and I enrolled myself in a life-training program that gave me a completely different perspective on life and living.I started coaching other entrepreneurs about life and sharing my ideas and experiences with them. This was when I realized that entrepreneurs begin to lose interest in what they are doing after a certain point. Their journey diverted from being excited and passionate to a lost cause. This was because of the daily stress, interference of others, financial crisis, disagreements, and several other reasons.I took this as a challenge with my newfound purpose, which is 'To serve entrepreneurs and be there for them,' and founded my company in February 2016 with the sole intention to assist entrepreneurs, SMEs and family businesses with the right branding strategies and create a philosophy for them to live by. If you have an idea that you genuinely think is going to help solve people's problems, then 'follow your gut and trust your intuition' don't let anyone else talk you of it."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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