Ronak Vora

Ronak Vora

Mens Lifestyle Coach

"I grew up in a humble family with a shy personality. I feared social opprobrium while growing up. You aren't going to receive an apology for the hurts you received, and no one cares if you punish yourself for the rest of the time or not. I always thought I'd do something different but wasn't sure about the title 'Entrepreneur'.From 2013 onwards, I started working out and training myself. I became passionate about the industry and developed a massive thirst for knowledge. In 2018, I quit my well-paid corporate job as my love for fitness grew immensely. I began coaching people online as a side-hustle.I decided to quit my 9 to 5 job to pursue my passion of becoming a Fitness Entrepreneur, which is very Unconventional for a Gujrati Family. It's been two years; I've been working in my Fitness Community and have trained more than 5000+ people.The journey of Building India's 1st Men's Fitness Community has been like an ECG ever since I started. I successfully learned the skills by exploring and having the curiosity to grow. I took the help from a few Mentors and other like-minded people. I am driven to Transform the Lives of Men and create a never-before experience for my clients.Lots of people are drawn in by the allure of entrepreneurship. After all, you get to ditch corporate life. Running a business is not always glamorous. Life is full of tough challenges—many of them unexpected—and many can be challenging to overcome without inner strength and support. It was hard for me to convince my parents to quit my job, enter into fitness & build a business around it. The biggest challenge was to stay inspired and driven and not go back to the old habits. I overcame it by being around winners, being honest with myself & pushing myself each day. My biggest motivation? Never settle for less. Unleash your potential and become your Strongest Version to live the life you always wanted."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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