Parineeta Tonge

Parineeta Tonge

Digi Daftar

“I was sure from the beginning that I wanted to start something of my own, which would help others. I remember having hypothetical meetings with my brother when we were young and wearing our father's office attire.I was working with many Small and Medium Businesses during the lockdown. I realised that they were suffering many consumer losses due to the lockdown as most of the consumers preferred buying through big brands and bought goods from brands with a fabulous digital presence, running ads and campaigns. That's when I realised that my main focus should be to empower Small and Medium Businesses and help them grow their brand digitally with Creative Graphics at affordable rates.Starting my brand at the age of 19 was challenging; however, my family was very supportive and loved that I wanted to create something of my own. I am also a partner of a car and bike detailing studio based in Pune. I am happy to inform you that our 4th studio is opening next month! However, starting my business as a student was tough! Many people around me did not take me seriously because of my age and thought this was just a hobby. My Biggest challenge was securing funds and acquiring customers amidst the covid pandemic. Being 19 and someone with little experience, clients found it arduous to rely on me and take me seriously; that's when I started doing demos and giving free consultations to gain their faith. It takes money to start and grow a business. And, in some cases, it requires a significant sum. You may start your entrepreneurial journey on your own. But, over time, you might need to hire help to run your business. Managing a team adds a whole other layer to your enterprise. It requires a new skill set. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish; keep craving for more knowledge and never assume to have known everything. Do not limit yourself to others' expectations and do what you think would suit you; if you believe in something, go for it!”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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