Nimish Swami

Nimish Swami


“As a kid, I had always been somewhat a scholar student. Thus, when I performed well in my class twelfth and my entrance exam, I secured a seat at the Bhilai Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering. I come from a small village in Madhya Pradesh, Umariya, and thus this opportunity meant a lot to me. I quit the job in the hope of working in a sector where I would be able to do something to impact society directly. Thus I shifted to Delhi in 2013 and started preparing for UPSC. I prepared for three years, took my Prelims, and cleared it.But apparently, God had different plans for me. In 2016 I was diagnosed with a fatal disease whose treatment was not easy. Many doctors had given up and declared that nothing could be done. My parents were not ready to accept this fate, and they took me to Delhi for further treatment. As the days passed, my health condition deteriorated, and we lost hope. There were times when I could not even move or eat correctly. This pushed me on the verge of depression as well. After three years of struggle, we could finally see a ray of hope when the doctors finally declared me free of the disease and on my way to a healthy recovery. Going through this changed my perspective on health, and thus, I started investing in my physical and mental health. Today I'm a certified fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, fat loss/transformation expert, and resistance training expert, and I hold seven certifications in this field.Life comes to those who look for it. If I had lost hope, I might not have survived, but we all hoped for my recovery from day one, and here I am today. Stay positive, come what may!”

State : Madhya Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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