Isha Kapoor & Siddhi Kapoor

Isha Kapoor & Siddhi Kapoor

Foamo-IS Bath Essentials

“As a child, I have always been obsessed with soaps - when kids would choose chocolates, I’d prefer soaps! My Nanu would take me to the supermarket as a kid, and the only thing that caught my eyes was soaps. He told me that once I forced him to buy me the most expensive soap, not just one but ten of them! Since then, people have kept gifting me handmade soaps from all over the world!After completing my master’s from Hult International Business School, Dubai, I got back to my city with a vision to start my entrepreneurial journey in a completely different field.My Instagram exploration has always been about soaps and soap making. I found the reason to follow my passion in the lockdown and ordered my first DIY soap-making kit.After weeks of researching, attending online workshops, brainstorming, collaborating, and procuring material, Both our sisters, Isha Kapoor and Siddhi Kapoor, set up the entire business and got the brand FOAMO-IS Bath Essentials up running in August 2020. We not only bring to you products with organic and natural ingredients but also aesthetically attractive to the eye, with a variety of colours, shapes, fragrances, and essential oils which is nourishing and gentle to the skin. We offer you the best soap required for your skin with a customised approach.Our packaging is handmade and is done by an all-women NGO we have tied up with. The response to our products has been appreciable so far. Especially our packaging and unique product names like Hot Mess Strawberry bar, Grandma’s Recipe, It’s a trap, etc.The nature of success requires ambition, a hard work ethic, inspiration, and motivation. Don’t be afraid to follow your passion. You got to make the first leap of faith - even if you fail, you would at least not regret that you did not give it a shot!”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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