Pranav Wankhedkar

Pranav Wankhedkar

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I was confident that I didn't want to do a job due to family pressure, but I wasn't sure what I would do instead of a job. My parents work hard and do not get paid enough for their massive efforts. I have been a curious human since childhood. I used to and still do burst with ideas to implement them; I knew It wouldn't be possible in a job. Hence the only decision I had taken was not to do a job. My entrepreneurial endeavour started when I grew older.Science has always fascinated my brain. Moreover, Reading about Science has always been a hobby of my soul. When I was studying Astrophysics, I learned that it's possible to harness energy present in high-frequency radio waves and amplify it to charge a consumer electronics product's battery. It would solve immense challenges. In 2018, I started my first tech company working on this concept and two people and a few engineers from ISRO.The journey started when I was in 11th standard. And I had firmly decided that I was not going to do a job. For me, it was quite a hard time. Though I know that it's a long journey to success, negative self-talk, such as I am not working hard enough and comparing myself with others, etc., is challenged during that time. But I never gave up.My company's biggest challenge is still to get an investor on board because creating a product like this requires a lot of capital. In addition to it, I am finding a perfect team to build a POC. The only reason for facing such issues was not financially able to afford a team with that talent to work on such a product.It was a moment of great joy when we were awarded first for making the best business plan by the Berlin School of Business.My company is working on a long-distance wireless charging solution for the consumer electronics market. Currently, we are seeking pre-seed investment.In my viewpoint, POC is essential; sometimes, charts can tell a lot and can help you acquire initial investors and clients.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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