Deepak Gaikwad

Deepak Gaikwad

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“I grew up in a home where a 9-5 job was considered the best and safest career option. My dad is a government officer; my reach to business was beyond the sky. I always thought of working in a multinational company in my high school years. I encountered a road safety problem faced by many, including my friends and me. I found a straightforward and unique solution that can improve road safety and make a social impact, thus solving other similar societal problems. At that moment, I decided to pursue entrepreneurship as a career to solve more social problems. In today's volatile world, the only constant thing is cut-throat competition. After I came into entrepreneurship, the complete view of business changed because now I was on the other side as a provider of products/services. It was a fascinating journey starting from research and development and understanding customers' needs to build the best quality products. As an entrepreneur, I look after the business's marketing and operations so that I can be much more close to customers for satisfactory customer service. The biggest challenge in my entrepreneurship was marketing because I offered a very new product in Indian markets. At the time, I tried them in real-time. And with a minimum budget, I targeted the audience to educate (Awareness) people about medical IDs, then targeted sales, which was the main reason for our marketing success. Time management was also a challenge for me because while I was pursuing my full-time MBA simultaneously, I started with two projects (Ventures) running all over India. It was getting more difficult for me to handle everything day by day. My startup has been appreciated by many eminent personalities like Mr Nitin Gadkari and Mr Aaditya Thackeray. Finally, I would like to conclude by adding that folks never stop learning and believing in themselves - because I think if I can do so, can you.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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