Fasna Rahman

Fasna Rahman


“When the COVID-19 lockdown started, social media was full of people sharing their experiences of striving for new things, clearly implying that they were not sitting idle at home. This was when I realised I had to do something. I started to do Embroidery with the help of YouTube and Pinterest, which was my first step toward entrepreneurship. Initially, I was unsure about starting a business. I thought no one would buy from me; building a business is hard. However, every entrepreneur must start somewhere. There is no magic shortcut to doing good company. However, there is no bias in the industry either. It doesn't matter when you start or where you start your journey. Mainly I'm dealing with Embroidery hoops, and These hoops are perfect for home decoration or as a gift to your loved ones. The ring is entirely stitched by hand. I enjoy my entrepreneurship journey very well. However, entrepreneurship isn't the easiest path; And we need a lot of patience. I have faced rejections through my journey; there will be ups and downs, but you should never get attached to either of them; take them as they come, learn, and move forward. Time management was one of the biggest challenges that I faced as an entrepreneur, and As a newcomer, I had to take up many roles and don as many hats as I could. I had to accomplish a lot in a limited amount of time and thus am always running from pillar to post to take care of things. While the limited time and funds are something that no one can control, I learned that one should have a strict schedule that allocates your time and money to each task. My biggest accomplishment in the last year was being featured in crowned. Don't worry about success but work toward being significant, and the success will naturally follow you. Building my business has been gruelling, exciting, inspiring, and exhausting. Understand the risk you are taking and understand that you will most likely not succeed immediately, so try your level best .”

State : Kerala

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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