Hrutuja Shelar & Nafisa Taj

Hrutuja Shelar & Nafisa Taj


“I wonder if people can call themselves best friends if they haven’t ever thought of starting a business together. Starting a business with your best friend helps to be fruitful due to existing friendships and enriches it. You tend to understand each other better, which results in a better working relationship. However, I would like to add whatever I am trying to communicate here is entirely based on my personal experience; working together can, at times, as I have heard from many, can be toxic and ruin the friendship; however, that was not the case with me. My college friend and I started a journey in advertising and marketing to create a revolutionising platform, SocioMADS, a platform that involves a holistic analysis of the variety of ad campaigns. After endless discussions about brands, marketing, sharing our thoughts, and exchanging ideas over a late-night telephonic conversation, our journey started. When the lockdown was announced, we both thought we had got our long-needed break from tiresome college, considering it nothing less than a sweet little 21 days vacation; that was so naive of us. That lovely little vacay is still going after over a year. Back when the lockdown started, we soon realised that our vacay wasn’t as we presumed it to be; it was pretty hectic, with loads of internship work and college assignments resulting in a lot of resentment and frustration among both of us. We believe that the advertisements create a perception of the audience through various factors such as their messaging, font, colours, visuals, tone, etc. Analysing the ad based on such factors is what essentially we do in SocioMads for our clients. We use colour theory studies to curate unique model strategies and provide a holistic analysis of the advertisement to our clients while keeping in mind the proliferation strategies that suit the aura of their brand. Starting our venture provided both immense pleasure and experience.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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