Ruchika Mehta

Ruchika Mehta

Author- “The Unkissed Lies”

“I always knew that I wanted to be an Entrepreneur because I never liked the existing corporate culture, which dictates you not to enjoy your personal life fully and gives you the excruciating yet horrifying experience. And it's way more satisfying to be an ‘Entrepreneur’ yet challenging. After completing my studies, I started doing an internship with an IT company. One day, the senior head came to my reporting manager, and he said, ‘kaam nahi kare toh nikaal dena’ which gave me the idea of changing the whole corporate culture. I always felt that something bothers me in the existing scenario. Then I moved out of that IT company the same night (I was working in the UK shift) and thought of having my startup. The whole frustration leads me to the birth of my entrepreneurial journey in the fitness industry at 22. Becoming an entrepreneur is like having many icecreams, pizzas & burgers in your bucket; you know the agony is you can't have it because you're on a healthy diet. Just kidding. The journey itself motivates me because I have a rock-solid dream of making people around the globe aware of fitness. People will always have something to say whatever you do, good or bad. We all face the temptation to give up. Even we were challenged at different times in our journey. People asked for instant results, saying ‘Isko patla karke dikhao’. But we need to understand that all the development will come from within if you aspire to do something about your body and soul. We have conducted multiple sessions till now. And We're getting results better than our expectations. Plus, my team is super awesome, And super inspiring during down days. Guys, please be ‘The Real You’; stay fit, stay healthy. Think about your body because it's the only place you have to live. Could you please keep it clean and happy?”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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