Anuj Panchal

Anuj Panchal


“I believe that no university on this planet can teach anyone how to run a business. One has to learn it by running a business, especially in a diverse country like India.I dropped out of college and decided to join the family business full-time. I’ve always had higher ambitions. I cannot settle for everyday life. With this mindset, I decided to scale the family business.I left no stone unturned, and the family business grew but only to some extent—I was still not satisfied.I decided to build a network so we could help each other in generating business. I tried making a good presence on LinkedIn and made some excellent connections. As I dug deeper, I saw that many Interior designers are facing trouble in getting clients. That appeared to me as an ample opportunity.I approached a few interior designers and proposed a collaboration. I used my intelligence and figured that in most cases, if anyone needs an Interior Designer, who will they approach? No one is going to put it on social media. I searched a chain of markets where my clients go first, and I Collaborated with those people from whom I could get reference clients.Our collaboration turned fruitful, and we successfully managed to generate business as I found the clients in the right way, the desi way.Today, we’ve undertaken many projects, I have my interior designer partner who manages the project, and my job is to bring and monitor the business. As a 25-year-old, I still feel that my ambitions within myself are far from what I’ve achieved so far. But, I will make sure to complete them sooner or later. All I say is don’t run for a degree because everyone’s running behind it. Remember, The Reality is in no obligation to guarantee that the value of your degree will remain the same in the next ten years. Understand people, and you will understand business.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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