Aanchal Jain

Aanchal Jain

Bananivista & Fancylicious

“I've never fancied of becoming an entrepreneur. I had a very nebulous idea of what I would become. Although I had a passion for different things, I never grasped how important it is to make a career. All I knew was I would do something related to the field of art, designing & creativity. Soon after college, I was looking for options, but somehow, the possibilities never satisfied me at the end of the day. I interned at a men's wear studio and simultaneously kept my love for art and craft. I'd make handmade cards, room decor, flower tiaras, etc. I attended food styling and photography workshops, and with all the appreciation and love that I received for my work, I decided to start selling them through an Instagram page. During my internship, I decided to quit working, not knowing where it would lead me and what I would do next. All I knew was I wanted to be my boss. As much as I had people supporting me and motivating me to achieve more in what I started, many people were there to mock me and tell me it would be better to do a job. They constantly questioned me and told me, ‘that's why you shouldn't have taken up a course like fashion designing in college; you'd be somewhere else now, which would help you with a better career.’ However, it has been a great experience with many good and bad moments. I've always been an introvert. As a child, I’d be hesitant to mingle with people. I always depended on either a friend or a family member for anything that I wanted to do. Because I felt I needed company and could not face anything on my own, this made my life challenging. I love to spread joy and happiness with the work I do. You are all you have. Be you, Do you!”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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