Shashank Bathija

Shashank Bathija


“ The world of entrepreneurship had always fascinated me. I would follow up on certain businesses' growth and success stories and would love to see how they achieved great heights. This inspired me a lot, to a point where I thought of getting into this as early as after completing my twelfth standard. I watched young entrepreneurs my age achieve goals that left me in awe and motivated me.Just as I completed my twelfth board exams, the pandemic hit, and I could see many small and some large businesses shut down. And that is when I found my calling, which was to help these businesses get back into the market. I did intensive research regarding the same, comparing the industries that were not facing a setback to those that were and realising the reasons as to why it was happening. I realised that going digital would help such a business, and India is still shifting to digital platforms. Thus I saw it as a great opportunity. I learned web development and digital marketing. I also met amazing people with whom I saturated the working profession.As an 18 year old, I am always asked how I manage my studies. It might not have been easy, but it is manageable with all the classes being held online. With the online courses, I feel like I am making up for all the learning experiences that I was supposed to get at college by working.This journey has taught me that the kind of people you surround yourself with matters greatly. The right company will help you immensely, and that is what we all should be looking for, creating a positive environment to let brilliant ideas nurture. And hence I want to tell anyone willing to get into entrepreneurship, something that I wish I had known, never be afraid of taking risks.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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