“Being a successful entrepreneur means more than starting new ventures every other day. It means the right attitude towards a business and the determination and grit to succeed. Entrepreneurship was always a possible career for me as I was born and raised in a business family. After coming back from the UK during this pandemic, I realised that something should be done to ‘form’ me, which should not be affected by any such conditions; moreover, it should be for the community where I should be able to create a network as we learn from people.I believe that being an entrepreneur could help me to frame my identity as I want. I could work as many hours as required, whereas I could also have a vacation. My karmas would define my success. I would be the architect of my destiny.The journey is not as easy as it seems. I started learning and exploring day and night. There was no fixed number of working hours. Every day I learn something new, and I try to share it with others. Being an entrepreneur is not limited to yourself; it's actually what we can give to society. Starting the company is the most challenging thing, and once you pass the initial start stage, I feel things run smoothly. The pre-start-up and start-up phases were the biggest challenges for me. I organised and planned my start-up well on paper and pen rather than only to help ease up my work and start my initiative. One most important thing I learned that I would like to share with the students aspiring to be an entrepreneur is that they need to start on their work, understanding that ‘Rome wasn’t built in seven days. There's always a silver lining no matter how dark it is.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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