Rutica Ashay Walambe & Ashay Walambe

Rutica Ashay Walambe & Ashay Walambe


“I would identify as a somewhat avid reader, but I still have a lot of books to read. My wife and I are bibliophiles and have been for a very long time. I carried them with me everywhere, and so did my wife. This habit of ours led to a great book collection at our place.One fine day when we were visiting our to-go book store, the store owner told us about a particular challenge. He told us that the sales had gone down due to the pandemic, and people were not visiting the store anymore. Incidentally, we saw a friend living in a luxurious housing society outside Pune city and was asking for books. This seeded an idea in our minds. We thought that having access to books is one of the most luxurious facilities one can have at a very cheap cost. So, we came up with a strategy that would benefit the people and the store owner.We purchased around 300 books worth sixty thousand bucks and drove around in our tiny car to the housing society, initially. We both were still working, we did this on the weekends, and the initial response was excellent. We had started Pustakwale on the 1st of August, and after four months of driving around by ourselves, we had grown to become a team of more than ten members and were visiting about 40 to 50 housing societies.Looking at the success of this venture and keeping in mind that this is something close to my heart, I quit my job in January to devote all my time to this. Our passion got a purpose! The initiative was appreciated by prominent personalities like Sudha Murthy and Gulzar Sahab, who also inaugurated our website. We also got media coverage from huge names like the Times of India and the Maharashtra Times. I want to tell everyone out there reading matters.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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