Krishika Shah

Krishika Shah


“Growing up, business was one of the most common dinnertime conversation topics. And the entrepreneurial focus of my upbringing had a lasting impact on me. Through these conversations, I learned how to think out of the box and began to enjoy problem-solving and analytical thinking. Getting such exposure led me to start my journey.Every person has the perennial doubt about whether they should dabble in something of their own or gain some experience outside after completing their studies. I decided to take the plunge and start something of my right after college.I can equate my journey of running a business to travelling a terrain that has no roads. You have to make your roads and find your path.The biggest challenge I faced and yet face is talent management. Hiring good talent and retaining it is increasingly demanding, with freelancing becoming the norm. We at Evolve have revised our company policy and outsourced hiring. I firmly believe it’s the people that make the company what it is, and it doesn’t matter if they are your employees or if the work is outsourced.The vision with Evolve is to make it a one-stop surface decor studio where there is something for everyone. We work closely with interior designers, furniture manufacturers, and new homeowners to help beautify their products and spaces.Being the pioneers of liquid metal finishes in India, we use global technologies and indigenous craftsmanship to produce textured metal finishes, which are not achievable with traditional metal sheets. As I examine my foray into entrepreneurship, I cannot stress how it is essential to keep learning, researching, and knowing what your competition is doing.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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