The House of Reya

“Taking a plunge into this industry with no prior experience was one of the boldest steps we took. But, our love for the versatile 6-yard drape and passion for building something of our own kept us going, and every obstacle became a learning point for us which strengthened us to move forward.Given the stereotypes surrounding the idea of having a career in fashion and being reasonably good at academics, we went on to become qualified Chartered Accountants. Nevertheless, these years, we continued to upskill our knowledge in apparel designing because we knew we would start someday.After eight years of working at a corporate job, in 2020, we finally had some time off of our usual hectic schedule, and that’s when we started investing our time in building REYA. However, this came with its challenges, the most significant being juggling a job and a business. As is well known for a CA, the 9-to-5 doesn’t precisely wind up at five and managing our busy schedules proved to be a taxing task. And we can only be grateful to have each other, to understand and take care of the business in the absence of each other.As for REYA, it is something that we identify with - growing up in an Indian household. Beautiful drapes have surrounded us all we have loved wearing. There was just something about it that made you feel so feminine and powerful. Our aim at REYA is to make this versatile drape an everyday affair, NOT to have people associate wearing a saree with being UNCOMFORTABLE! With this, we want every woman to feel unapologetically comfortable and accessible. To extend this to the strata of society that are not privileged enough to get these, we donate one clothing item for every ten items sold. Our idea is to provide every woman with a unique experience at an affordable range. Today, after a while since we started, we can only say that our most significant achievement was the first step that we took to create. After all, the first step to success is trying.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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