Anushka Poddar

Anushka Poddar


“Saumya and Anushka tell us a story filled with love, passions, and friendship. Their level of how they started their business is thrilling and inspiring altogether. Anushka describes her family as one full of entrepreneurs, which encouraged her to endorse the same path. Whereas Saumya did not even consider becoming an entrepreneur until after working with some start-ups and through the different departments, only to realise her true calling was entrepreneurship.They met two years ago and casually decided to curate a pop-up section with a reputed exhibitor in Kolkata, and this saw an impressive response which was all the push they needed. Later they identified a problem with the Indian retail market for western wear and decided to find a solution. This was when they made a business plan to launch Spunky to the world.They recall that they have been learning about the ways of entrepreneurship since the day we started. They find it a challenging field where they are evolving and growing at every step. Of course, all this did not prove to be a cakewalk. Saumya recognises her hay-wired thoughts cluttering her mind in the fast-moving industry to be the biggest challenge. Anushka tells us that she has been an introvert all her life and to be out there interacting with people and other businesses was out of her comfort zone. She still kept pushing and today does.This is what they have to say about their venture, Spunky. Spunky is a western-wear retail space and concept online store. They at Spunky believe in four core values: Creativity, Expression, Freedom, and Communication. They believe that fashion is a form of art, the most potent communication medium. Expression and emotion are associated with fashion buying and designer-curated pop-ups in the community. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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