Balakrishna BM

Balakrishna BM


“Today, the world sees me as a ‘Millionaire Entrepreneur’, but to reach here, I too had to pay my share of struggle.I started my journey in 2001 by washing cars in Banglore for a salary of Rs. 400 per month. Despite holding a Diploma in Automobile Engineering, no one gave me the job as they demanded experience.A few months later, to earn more and make ends meet, I got a job opportunity in the marketing department with Rs. 2000 salary per month. I put my heart into it and would always meet my target.Life went on, my salary had increased, and I was making a decent living. I worked as a Marketer for ten years and left the corporate job. I saw that my superiors were never satisfied no matter how well I performed.Because of my job, I got Rs. 7 lakh as my PF, and I decided to invest it. A friend suggested that I try the share market. I gave my money to the broker and within one week, call it bad luck, my investment went down to 1.27 lakhs. I was feeling low, but that’s where the miracle happened.A friend of mine worked in a water purifying business, and he suggested that this industry is booming right now. I studied the market and realized that the water purifying machine costs much more than its original value, and if we manufacture them, we can break the market.After a lot of research and development, I managed to make my product and sell them in Hyderabad.With time, we developed and grew. Today, a decade later, we’re a company with over Rs. 30 crore turnover. Reaching here took out the life from me, but it was my life experiences and the hard work that led us here. Recently, I gifted my parents a Jaguar, and we’re living a good life.There were times when I felt low, disappointed, and demotivated. But since my childhood, I have learned never to give up.My mantra for life is that if all the doors are closed, just break them and make it! Be self-motivated, be independent; this way, no one can stop you.”

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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