Mona Pankaj

Mona Pankaj

ErgoCure India

“My father, a mechanical engineer, had an engineering workshop. As a child, I used to sit in his cabin at the workshop and taste the feeling of being an owner of a business! Maybe his work was challenging - managing the machines, tools, heat, noise, workers, clients, etc., but I felt he was happy being his own boss. Somewhere in my mind, that thought of entrepreneurship had probably entered. But I wanted to become a doctor. However, I did not know doctors could be entrepreneurs at that moment!I have been inclined towards Ergonomics since my student days at the Occupational therapy school at GMC, Nagpur. Later, with a desire to prevent people from getting pain and disabilities due to wrong work patterns, I launched my venture. The idea was to create awareness amongst people and professionals about how Ergonomics could help them work better and pain-free.I worked with various SMEs, corporates, and individuals from different professional backgrounds- homemakers to CEOs, athletes to film actors, music directors, and writers. I got an international community of Ergonomics enthusiasts together to discuss cases and topics from an ergonomic perspective. We have a pool of associates to work across India and mentors and advisors from across the borders.Earlier, whenever I shared the idea of promoting ergonomics with anyone, they could feel my passion but told me that it could not be done! But slowly, I came across people who were supportive and encouraging. I think life is always a mix of such people, and we need to select our circle!In the journey of over two decades, I received innumerable blessings from people in pain; and was felicitated by a healthcare MNC- Welocity and a few other organisations who recognised the work I am trying to do. I feel that to be successful, and we should either work on what we love doing or try to love what we do. And yeah, just do it the ergonomic way! Happy working”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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