Shibi Shajahan

Shibi Shajahan

StudyBored & Aifindsjob

"The dream of becoming an entrepreneur started in my childhood. I was a curious kid who loved to read a lot, experiment with stuff, and create something out of the ordinary. At that time, I had to keep all those million-dollar ideas in my head and focus on education. But eventually, real education lies outside the four walls of school or college, and I have been investing a lot of time in that, making me a successful entrepreneur.My career isn't focused entirely as an entrepreneur. I am working as a Petroleum Engineer in Abu Dhabi while managing two successful start-ups in India. Time is the key here; successful perusal of time has helped me achieve big. I started working on my entrepreneurial dream after I finished college. But I am currently working enough to fuel my passion as an entrepreneur and in my core field, petroleum engineering.Every challenge I have faced has transformed me into a more robust version of myself. However, the biggest challenge I have faced is "The change". I have adapted to a new, better version that isn't tired of working round the clock and always learning something new.I have two start-ups running: Aifindsjob sub (Techknocks) and Studybored. Aifindsjob, as the name suggests, helps job Seekers and recruiters connect with the power of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, Studybored is an IT solution and training company that provides website and mobile application development, digital marketing, data analytics, data science, software development, and Design. Please don't fall into the trap of society's wishful thinking; it's not going to get you anywhere. Be yourself, be true to yourself and telecast your ideas and thoughts to them and not the other way around."

State : Kerala

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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