Jeet Chandan

Jeet Chandan

Entremax Global Solutions, Intern Khoj

"From what I can recall as my first memory, I have wanted to become an entrepreneur. The idea of having and running a business of my own thrilled me in a way that made me work harder to achieve it, naturally. When I was 16, I enrolled in an IB school in Bangalore, where I stayed for the next two years. During these years, I experienced a lot of new things and was exposed to the ways of the world. I wanted to work and earn for myself, but my father did not deem it fit for a child my age to ditch studies to earn. He was not wrong and had my best interest at heart, and I just had to figure a way around this.So, that is when I started an NGO and worked tirelessly towards making it happen. We worked for two straight years to make it a huge success. The NGO helped people become self-reliant and independent in terms of financial support. We helped people to start small businesses that they could afford to manage, like sewing and stitching, handicraft shops, tree plantations, etc.As I turned 18 and was finally old enough to be able to explore the world of business, the pandemic happened. But I decided I would not let this wear me down, and thus I started an online digital marketing venture. Today we are a team of 25 members, and we advertise new and budding startups and even NGOs. The journey has been exhilarating even when online and has helped me learn a lot, about life, in general.I am pursuing two bachelor's degrees simultaneously with the hope of being able to contribute to my business to my full potential. This is something that has proved to be some sort of challenge for me as I have to be on a strict schedule. Other than that, I have only had minor bumps in the road so far, but my journey has only just begun. So far, I have also been accoladed with a few awards like The Best Public Speaker and more of the likes.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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