Dr Anar Mehta

Dr Anar Mehta

Srishti Bharat

“As a part of the NRI campaign in 2017, I was made aware of the situations of women in rural areas in some districts of Gujarat. This provoked me to do something to make their lives better. Being a single mother, I had faced my share of challenges and thus wanted to change that for others. But back then, my son was still studying and needed me to be there for him; therefore, all my efforts were a little constrained.In 2017, when my son left for his under graduation, I finally found time and energy to start what I had been planning to do for a long time. I started the NGO, Srishti Bharat Foundation. It empowers women in various initiatives and is also engaged in other women-related issues like health and safety. I am also associated with many organizations, like the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry as their WICCI NRI’s National president. I am also the Gujarat chapter President for M S Indians Msme Startup Forum, which mentors and finances youth start-ups in India. Along with these, I am also the Joint Wing Secretary for the Indian Golf Circuit, a jury member of the victory and bravery awards for the Global Chambers of Commerce. I was recently accoladed with a United Nations Award for my contribution to women's empowerment.My inspiration stems from the strength that I found as a single mother after being separated in 2004. My son was only five years old, and I had to push all the negativity aside to work to provide for him. I was faced with a lot of prejudices and the unsupportive mentality of those around me. To battle this, I learned that if I do not try to make it better for others like me, I will be wasting all of my experience.My struggle is not just limited to empowering women but also to bring about a change in the thinking of people regarding women in general. I never dreamed about success; I worked for it. Take the reigns of your life in your hands.”

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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