Achin Bhattacharya

Achin Bhattacharya


"I always had an insatiable curiosity about everything around me, and unless I was not genuinely convinced, I would never accept something just because everyone else was doing it. Academically I was a bright student, but I studied something only when interested in it. From middle school onwards, I was more inclined to follow the unconventional path and do something that would positively impact many people's lives. Thus entrepreneurship came in.I was very sure about Entrepreneurship. While pursuing my graduation, I simultaneously gave private tuition to students and also helped one of my distant relatives in his business.Thus, I knew my calling; I realized that I needed more professional exposure to do something scalable. Therefore, after completing my Chartered Accountancy, I worked for major global consulting houses like PwC KPMG; Deloitte. I was a director at Deloitte in 2017 before I started my venture.Thus, after I took the plunge with Notebook, my first step was to know all the stakeholders' challenges and aspirations in the educational ecosystem. For one whole year, I traveled to more than 100 districts across the country and met many students, teachers, and parents. I also met many acclaimed academicians and thought leaders as I wanted their Pedagogy inputs. The biggest challenge was gaining the acceptance and trust of the academic community in India. I believe three elements have helped me in this regard: consistency in delivering our promises, transparency, and openness to Constructive Criticism. This pandemic has brought to the surface the existing digital divide in India, which is unfortunate and one of the giant stumbling blocks that we face as a nation. Every child deserves equal and fair opportunity when it comes to access to knowledge, and we at Notebook will always strive toward that.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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