Ritu Kukreja

Ritu Kukreja


"As a professional with experience of over eight years in the kids' industry, it was natural for me to start teaching kids online during the lockdown.This was when I met my partner Reenu, who was based in Gurgaon, and we hit it off really well together. Together we came up with the plan of teaching students, which was the intention originally, and founded ilearnngrow. As we worked together, passing the time, we realized that the classes on personality development were not enough to engage young kids in productive activities. The lockdown as it is was proving to be a hard time for everyone on the professional and personal front, and having kids sit back at home and not learn anything was just making it worse.That is when we came up with the idea of making a tangible product based on the ideas and thoughts we wanted to propagate through our classes. That is how our venture came into being. Although we lived in different cities, kilometers apart, we were faced with a to of challenges. I would say the biggest one was finding the correct vendor for the right price and synchronizing it across the state borders. Even with the difficulties, the one thing that kept us going was our parents' feedback. The pictures and messages they sent to us filled our hearts with joy and pride. We reveled in the fact that we are able to make a positive change in someone's life, and that feeling is amazing. ilearnngrow is into conceptualization and development of educational toys, games, and Learning kits. We encourage children to spend their time learning than wasting time watching tv and playing video games. Our toys and materials help kids develop cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities, making their minds sharper. We believe in incorporating theoretical learning with practical learning for a better understanding, and that is what we thrive to do with every product. To play is to learn if done correctly."

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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