Vansh Soni, Bhavya Dave & Ritwik Joshi

Vansh Soni, Bhavya Dave & Ritwik Joshi


"In my childhood, I was free to choose my paths independently and do whatever my heart said, which enabled me to learn to make decisions. In addition, I discovered music at that time, which enhanced my creativity.I was obsessed with the IT industry in my Senior secondary and wanted to build something used by the masses. At that time, I wasn't aware of starting a business with an IT product and its broad spectrum. After joining the college, I met Vansh and Ritwik, who were also into creating something of their own. I got the confidence to start something by looking at many examples around the industry and my friends' strong will. It all exactly began when all three of us gave up our MNC jobs to start our venture in the field of Artificial Intelligence.There were many ups and downs in the initial years, and we faced many hurdles due to lack of experience, but we kept on adopting new approaches to make things go smooth. We used to get tired at night, but due to tight deadlines, we never gave up and always met people's expectations. With every new opportunity, there was excitement; we felt to learn more, grow more, and change many lives with the solutions we built. The same excitement was the key to motivation which never let us feel tired, and it still drives us forward. As a student, when we stepped into entrepreneurship, it was a big challenge to start. Entrepreneurship looks fascinating but is full of uncertainty. It wasn't straightforward to figure out our workflow and how we will approach the clients. With the passing time, the funds were also draining, and we were still figuring out how we let the funds flow in to move further. We never gave up, and we figured out our way through such problems with time.

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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