Urvashi D. Maharshi

Urvashi D. Maharshi

Urvashi Maharshi & Co. Chartered Accountants

"Since I was a child, I knew business pumps me up, and a job is not for me. So after school, I enrolled myself in a Chartered Accountancy Course, learning that it is the most reputed and challenging course. I knew I'd be practicing in my own firm from day one of this course.I worked with one of the top audit firms in the world. The reason for doing the job was to enhance my experience and skills. I was waiting for the right time to start with my own company. After gaining a decade of experience, I finally switched to my own practice and became the Founder of my firm.I advise clients and entrepreneurs on how to plan and manage their financial figures to turn their losses into profit. And encourage them to be compliant as non-compliance is more costly. Through my knowledge and experience, I support startups and young entrepreneurs.I come across many unique, innovative business ideas from entrepreneurs who need proper guidance, and our firm takes care of such entrepreneurs. I see massive potential in the economy of this country in the coming years. And I'll be glad to help such entrepreneurs who are visionary or desire to become one. I believe for any successful entrepreneur; you need a CA partner who can understand your vision and advise you accordingly. Three mantras are required to keep you going - Passion, Patience, and Belief."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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