Meghna Joshi

Meghna Joshi


"During my school days, I was pretty passionate about taking part in extracurricular events and activities, which helped me in gaining a practical understanding of the theories that we used to learn in school, and at the same time, it helped me in winning numerous laurels at the State and the National level. So during college days, everything was about participating, gaining, organising, and learning.The collective experience of working in the Corporate and Social sectors and managing the operations of various skill development centres helped me gain a deep understanding of the pain points of the youth coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds. It also gave me greater insight into the problems faced by employers who employ young professionals. In an endeavour to resolve these issues through a systematic process, skill development became my passion, ultimately leading to the seeding of my venture.Our venture focuses on improving the quality of the youthful workforce through specially designed training programs and counselling sessions. We started our operations in January 2020 by empowering youth from the economically weaker sections of the society by creating a training curriculum focused on comprehensive in-class training followed by connecting the participants to the employers. We were further able to provide virtual upskilling sessions to college students and working professionals during the pandemic. This year, we plan to spread our wings to rural India to benefit more youth looking for avenues to skill themselves. The biggest challenge I have faced is gender bias and a stringent mindset from the people of the opposite sex that women can't lead. I have constantly tried to break this taboo by holding leadership positions at various competitive parts and proving myself through my hard work and commitment. Follow your passion and always believe in yourself. Self - Belief can do wonders."

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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