Zahabiya Gabajiwala

Zahabiya Gabajiwala

ZA Works - Design Studio

“Art and design had always been a passion as a child, and growing up in a family of business owners; I was always more inclined towards that direction. So I did designing for three years, working with various art directors and so many other talented people on the sets while shooting, my eyes opened to a whole lot of aspects of design and life in general.The initial thought to start my business was right after college, but after putting some points down, I felt I did not have a lot of answers to the direction the company needed to go, so I kept everything on hold to get some experience and then came back to board with a lot more clarity. This helped me a lot to kick start my business.I have been blessed to be around amazingly talented people who helped me and my company to grow and to make it stand where it is today. For our first year, I only concentrated on creating innovative products, failing at it over and over again; either the paint finish wasn’t good enough, or it had design issues, or sometimes the whole concept was flawed. This made me rethink which part of the process in making products did I actually enjoy and then took a monumental step of only focusing on painting, which led to a complete change for Za Works, and we went from a product-based company to a service-based one. In 2016 restaurants were gaining tremendous momentum and needed exclusive interiors to have the edge over their competitors. I slowly created my niche with interior designers, and now we paint for commercial and residential spaces.At Za Works, we’re about the personal touch. We create paintings on various surfaces and unique art installations and make a home or business come alive. When a client approaches us, we strive to create synergies to take their vision through an artistic journey. A simple stroke may be all that you need to express how you feel.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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