Mr. Shailesh and Mr. Veerender

Mr. Shailesh and Mr. Veerender

Vayas Sakhi Retail

"Raised in a joint family where everyone was in the professional services, the thought of being an entrepreneur was far away from my reach. But, it struck me after having served in the retail domain for 20+years. Being a hard-core foodie, I ventured into the hotel business, which got shut due to the pandemic - says Veerender. While Shailesh comes from a Marwari family - the thought of starting a company had to happen even after working in the FMCG domain for two decades."Taking a cue from Prime Minister Modi's campaign of becoming self-reliant 'atmanirbhar', we wanted to venture together for women's welfare/hygiene. After months of research on this concept, we realized that hygiene was a neglected piece in a women's life, and there were no companies that were selling these products under a single roof. So, we started by launching our first store in Hyderabad, an exclusive women's hygiene store offering a range of 200+ products.The inception of our concept was in October 2020; after two months of a thorough survey on women's hygiene, we opened our first store on 26th December 2020. The response was overwhelming; with a lot of support from the associated brands, we were able to onboard 20 brands in just 30 days. After a successful launch and response, we opened our second franchisee in Jan 2020 in Hyderabad." said the founders.A few years ago, Veerender partnered in the restaurant business with a few friends in Hyderabad. After running for two years, it got shut down because of the pandemic, as managing a 2600 sqft hotel was difficult. Shailesh was already into selling organic foods. We joined hands and came up with this idea and started immediately as it was the first of its kind across the globe.Many women still have inhibitions about using hygiene products and discussing the menstrual topic. We request all women to maintain good hygiene and all men to encourage women in their life to come out openly and start using these unique products."

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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