Shahzeb Khan

Shahzeb Khan


“I have always dreamt of seeing this nation on the top. I always wanted to create jobs for unemployed people. Maybe that was the reason I put my step forward and continued my journey as an entrepreneur.I was in grade 10th when I heard the word entrepreneur. It was very new and challenging for me to understand. Then, digging more into the field, I realized that those innovations I did so far could be brought into the global market and generate revenue. That was the time I made the decision that I will be creating my business empire.My entrepreneurial journey is full of adventure, thrills, and experience. Also, being an entrepreneur, you encounter many ups and downs and learn how to handle them. I started making connections with different people of different domains. It was necessary because it helps you to create your presence in this ecosystem. I started learning how to handle things in professional ways, deal with customers, and a lot more. We started with digital services, now we are giving more than 10+ digital and non-digital services to our customers across India. In parallel, I used to work on my pre-going research and projects.The global pandemic is one of the biggest challenges I have faced. Shutting down the global market caused much business to end. However, by taking the proper steps and patience, I am overcoming it. Challenges are like mathematics problems; when you solve them, the problem will be solved. However, if you do not give it a try, the problem will still be there. I want to give a message to people of my age, and start thinking out of the box. This is when you have to plan your future, either work in someone's empire or build your own; the choice is yours.”

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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