Mayur Chandraker

Mayur Chandraker

Digi Jugad Pvt. Ltd.

"In childhood, I was always enthusiastic and ready to take up all sorts of challenges because it boosted my confidence and kept me motivated. However, in the mainstream world, where everybody is busy doing what seems to be the conventional way of doing, I decided to do something exceptional.Initially, I thought of pursuing my career as an Entrepreneur during the 2nd year of my college. By that time, I had worked on almost 7-8 Projects as a freelancer, and I was the best at what I was doing. The acknowledgment and appreciation for those projects gave me the initial motivation to start an agency of my own. I have worked with 150+ Brands in the central India region, recognized by 30+ associations, and partnered up with more than 70 Agencies all over India, and all this happened in a time frame of just a year.The Biggest Challenge that I have faced in my life was whenever I used to pitch any prospective customer with my work and portfolio; they were always hesitant to designate their project to a 20-year-old because of the notion that only an experienced guy can deliver expected results.Our mission is to give every business a chance to reach the level of success they are dreaming about. Firstly, we give you a fair way of tracking your marketing penny. Second, we offer businesses a chance to develop their strategic campaign to flourish their business with prosperity.We are The Digi Jugad; the word "Jugad" means innovative fix. We have an in-house team of 35+ Developers, Designers, writers, developers, productions, and many more. We also work with more than 17+ Freelancers specialized in their field. So everybody working in this agency is Jugadu. We are catering to brands and associations with 360 Degree Integrated Marketing Solutions and showing them their investment profits. Digital Marketing is our specialization."

State : Chhattisgarh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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