Lokesh Damival

Lokesh Damival


"I come from a humble background and thus could not depend on my family to support my further education; hence I had to do what I had to do. Soon after completing my 12th grade, I started coaching students in the subjects of physics and math. This business took off pretty well, and soon in 2020, I was able to complete my graduation.But after the lockdown, I was rendered jobless and spent most of my time at home. During this time, I came across a common notion among the people about the lack of an Indian social media platform. I started researching about this to pin down the actual problems there. I decided not to let the pandemic hold me back from doing something about this.When I started working on the idea, I approached many investors with the idea but did not find any success there. So, the funding of the project posed a big challenge for me. But we found another way around it, with a plan to raise funds through the clients themselves.The lockdown had left many people jobless and striving for food as well. They had no means to provide for their families. So, with this platform that I am planning to create, I will be able to give around 1 Crore jobs in only its first phase. And if this continues for three starting years, we project our employment to reach over 20 crores.Being an Indian, buy from an Indian and serve the Indians."

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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