Dr. Vaishnavi Chaudhari

Dr. Vaishnavi Chaudhari


“ I had always wanted to become a dentist, and that is what I achieved. Along with dentistry, I have always been some kind of an explorer, always trying new things and ready to experience new things.In 2016, when a colleague of mine suggested that we start a food blogging page, I agreed to it immediately. Today this page has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram. Initially, we had put in our money to visit restaurants and buy food and also for photography and videography. With the increase in our reach and popularity, the restaurants and cafes in Pune approached us themselves. We have worked with almost 75+ restaurants and cafes ranging from 3, 4, and 5-star restaurants.To provide business growth to these businesses, we started freelancing as digital marketers in 2019. The first few days were a little difficult for this business as we struggled to find clients, and being dentists, people did not trust us completely with the marketing aspect of the business. All this picked up the pace only for the lockdown to happen and cause us some loss then.I used the lockdown as an opportunity to develop my skills as a marketer and made really good progress. This investment bared fruits early as I got to join a company as the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. The founder of this company was based in Pune, and he handed over the Mumbai operations to me.The biggest challenge that I faced was convincing my family that I wanted to do something apart from my dentistry profession as well. I tried various things and successfully managed to set my foot into digital marketing and online reputation management. We are working in various sectors like manufacturing industries, F&B, the Health sector, and training institutes and helping our clients to achieve exponential growth in their business and revenue.If you have an idea, go ahead with it. You will learn in the process.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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