Swetapadma Mohanty

Swetapadma Mohanty

Business Leadership League (BLL)

"After completing my graduation from Symbiosis, Pune, I was offered a job at Indian Market Research Bureau in Mumbai. This is how I, a girl from a town called Cuttack in Odisha, came to Mumbai, where all the magic happened.I worked tirelessly and diligently in the field of marketing consultancy for ten whole years. During those years, in 2016, I was hit by arthritis out of nowhere. I did not have any medical history or anything. This got me thinking that I must invest my time in something that I thoroughly enjoy and also something that makes me feel satisfied with my work.So, by 2018, when I was back at the job, I quit. And thus began my journey as an entrepreneur. I started a travel business and was still learning about entrepreneurship while doing so. I realized that I should be doing a job that would actually do justice to my skills as a people person. I got the idea to create a forum to help small businesses scale up. I thought of it as a huge responsibility but did it anyway because it gave me a thrill.I founded BLL: Business Leadership League. A 360-degree platform that helps entrepreneurs in all aspects. Our community helps in Improving Sales, increasing Turnover, Marketing Strategies, Human Resources, Raising Capital, Financial Management and compliance, Technology Adoption, Project Management, Leadership Building, and much more.We keep our community members highly motivated by conducting various workshops and connecting with them regularly.Initially, we started in Navi Mumbai and were planning to branch out to a few other cities, but, we're growing digitally. Today we boast of being able to connect with over 20000 people.Leaving my job was a big risk, but it was the best thing that happened to me; only then I could start BLL.All I have to say is, Dream big and then do not let it go. BLL operates on the philosophy that one needs to go beyond the usual to realize his/her true potential."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Consulting

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