Manjula Veeranna

Manjula Veeranna

Institute of Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation

“I started my career as a kindergarten teacher, back in 2005. Getting married at the age of 21, and moving to Bangalore, was all too new to me. I could not figure out what I would be doing with only a Bachelors's degree. That is when a neighbor of mine suggested I apply for the job of a teacher in a school nearby. This is what I did and became a teacher, with a Rs 700 per month salary.I worked there for 6 months and eventually completed B. Education to give classes at a higher level. Later when I completed my course, I was offered a job at a CBSE school on the same day as my last exam. The feeling was euphoric, what started as just something to keep me busy during the day, had morphed into my full-time career.Eventually, I joined a venture started by Dr.Vishwanathan Jayaraman, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Pipaltree Investments Private Limited launched in the year 2010, one of my family friends who asked me to be part of it. We started by targeting the higher-level education sector with induction programs for undergrad students. We were training and guiding them for corporate jobs. We were helping people from small towns -metros to develop the necessary skill sets to thrive in the world of employment.During this pandemic, we register a non-profit organization called “Institute of Brain and Behavioral Foundation”, we believe in approaching human behavior from the perspective of neuroscience rather than psychological theory. For that, we’re building neuro-leaders and neuro-champions who use up-to-date neuroscience discoveries to unlock the true potential of our brain, so people can lead joyful personal and professional life. No teacher should feel 'Ordinary' or 'Inferior' Teachers have the power to empower generations. The Future of our country is literally in the Teacher's hands.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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