Sugandha Bathla

Sugandha Bathla

Phulo Phalo India

“In my childhood, my interest kept changing over the years. What I fondly remember is dreaming of being like my father, who was a successful businessman, to be able to spend life on my terms.I always had this urge to do something of my own, even when I was pursuing my MBA, but the drive couldn't overpower the herd mindset of a corporate job at that time was not very powerful. So finally, in the 5th year of my job, I started taking it seriously and began brainstorming options to become an Entrepreneur. I knew it would take a lot of effort to leave a well-paying job and create something from scratch, but the urge was so strong that I decided to give it a shot.My aunt and I started this, and currently, we have 7 more women and 1 male member with us running the show from their houses at their comfort. Each member is more than 55 years of age and defines how age is just a number to start anything new at any point in time. We have homemade spice blends, pickles, chutneys, assorted nut mixes, homegrown organic herbs & herbal wellness products. Each of the products is made at home with recipes developed by our elderly team members & their forefathers.Other than the operational hurdles, it has not been easy to deal with the Older generation since our ideologies, priorities, methods are very different. It has been challenging to guide them to measure ingredients the way our mothers measure as their guessing game is pretty strong with kitchen ingredients. So standardization is a challenge that we are still dealing with. For years, people had tried to correlate an entrepreneur’s age when they launched their startup with the ultimate success of that startup. Success is how you define it. Age is just a number.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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