Sujal Chheda Kapadia

Sujal Chheda Kapadia

SHCK Consultants

“I grew up in a family of business owners, but I was leaning towards corporate life. So, I decided to pursue CA growing up. But, the business genes in me always popped up one way or the other, and I did multiple ventures like formed Choco-Indiyana, blog writing, and occasional event planning. All these worked as stress busters for me while pursuing CA, which is indeed stressful.In 2015, I was at a crossroad where either I take up a corporate job to lead a corporate life or clear CA final exams. Where I choose exams which I couldn't sit for third time in a row. It made me feel depressed and stuck. That's where the Kutchi in me gutted for freelancing finance consulting, and I started my entrepreneurial journey as a freelance finance consultant.People around me were all either CA or MBA with jobs, and I was pursuing freelancing based on experience without CA prefix. With each new assignment and client, my confidence grew. I rooted for a co-working space culture where I met people of different work cultures; it made networking diverse, and I gained versatile business opportunities. For example, we provide all financial services under one roof, from setting up a business or getting a patent, or even closing a venture to move ahead for other opportunities.It was challenging to drive a client's confidence towards a Non-CA finance consultant. But I kept wholesome knowledge updates in the varied industries from which a prospective client was and presented data in terms that clients would relate rather than in mumbo-jumbo of numbers only. My journey has been a roller coaster, but I followed the mantra of never giving up. It's essential but not necessary to hold a degree to work. Experience counts; your work speaks for yourself. Nothing is easy but getting up every time you fall, fighting back & pursuing your dream is important. Till then keep faith in yourself.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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