Omair Pall

Omair Pall

Freelancing Digital Marketing Agency

“Since childhood, I knew one day I would become an entrepreneur. It was my dream to become an entrepreneur and do something for my country. I trusted myself, my capability of doing something big. The moral support which I got from my parents pushed me closer to my dream.My sister has always been my role model. So when I was in the second year of my university, I decided to start a digital marketing agency. You can call us a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. We have an in-house marketing team with talent in every field, such as content creation, graphic designing, advertising, hospitality.After starting my journey, I struggled and learnt a lot. First, I had to find work for my company and look for collaboration and sponsorships. My main motive was to bring a change. I always wanted to share my income with the people in need. The first event I organized was in aid of poor cancer patients featuring Maninder Buttar, a renowned Punjabi singer. That event came out to be a success, and I could donate some part of my profit to cancer funds. The event helped me get more partnerships, and with God’s grace, I was able to organize the second event, which was in aid of a tragic accident.During the lockdown, I started selling masks and PPE kits and all types of surgical items. I donated ration kits to the daily wage workers during lockdown 1.0 and 3.0. In addition, I support several social causes related to health, such as covid center initiatives, finding people beds, and oxygen supplies.The biggest challenge I have faced is the monetary loss during the start of my career. However, I kept focusing and did not panic. The love and consistency for your work can help you overcome all the difficulties. One message I would like to give everyone is that start believing in yourself. This world is a beautiful place with beautiful people; we must find one positive thing to move ahead.”

State : Jharkhand

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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