Rushikesh Kardile

Rushikesh Kardile

Supersapiens Devlab

“I came from a middle-class family and grew up believing I had to study hard to be independent. In 2003-4 my father bought us an old computer on which my brother and I used to play games. Gradually I learnt to install Operating Systems, tweaking BIOS and everything else kids of my age(I was 12yr) didn’t know about. I was keen to learn more about computers.I moved out to Pune to pursue a Diploma in Information Technology after my 10th. I loved Computers and always tried to learn new practical usages of it. The things taught in college were more theory-oriented and less practical so I decided to buy an online course for web development; I was able to follow along with the instructor and designed a simple website on my local system.During the next 2 years, I started working as a freelancer developer and designer. Freelancing was the stepping stone towards entrepreneurship. I worked overnight’s managing multiple projects. I published numerous mobile applications, games on Google Play Store, learnt machine Learning; I was also a recipient of the Google India Challenge Scholarship for Android Development.I dropped out of my Engineering college and returned home. Dropping college and working as a freelancer was a big deal for my parents. After 5-6 months, I moved back to Pune and took admission in a college just to get a degree that my family will be proud of. This time I had my visions planned.I started communicating and connecting with people who could help me achieve my dream of building a successful business. Within my roommate, I found my co-founder as we shared the same vision. He raised funds for the company and connected with many potential clients and industry experts for mentoring us. We develop advanced Machine Learning Algorithms, which can predict diseases in humans, plants and provide intelligent medications. Life is a marathon; you don’t have to sprint through, sometimes even a walk can make a difference

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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