Amitava Chowdhury

Amitava Chowdhury

Ingenious Design

“Since my childhood, I intended to be a big dreamer. So I always tried to do something of my own. But as I belong to a typical middle-class Indian family, I was forced to choose to engineer. So, after completing B.Tech, I jumped to embrace my passion, i.e., Creative Field.I always preferred Business over Job. But due to less knowledge and skill regarding business, I lost a tremendous amount of money and time in various ventures. I believe ‘Do Millions of Mistakes but don’t waste your energy to make the same mistakes.’ Thus, from several failures, I learned a lots of things and improved myself every day.I started my career in the year 2008 as a faculty and taught different applications of multimedia. At the same time, I also began doing projects as a freelancer. After that, I worked in various organizations of the Media field as a Faculty, Academic Head, Project Head, General Manager in different parts of India. Then during the year 2018, I converted my freelancing into a full-time agency. Right now, I have my 2 production houses where we provide services like Brand Design, Marketing Design, UI Design, and Video Production like Wedding, Corporate, and Music Video, etc.I am currently creating a digital and educational brand where I train and coach people who want to grow their careers as Designers. I am on a mission to help 100K students to be recognized for their creativity and achieve growth in their careers using the power of designing skills.The biggest challenge is the skilled workforce because, in West Bengal, people tend to be efficient in everything, but nobody is trained in their particular domain. So apart from having an in-house team, I have a network of freelancers in India and abroad who generally work on a project basis. My message is ’Please don’t compromise with your Dream, always visualize your dream and work hard for your Dream; otherwise, someone will hire you to fulfill their Dreams.’”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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