Harshit Sikka

Harshit Sikka

Spasmodic Industry Academia Board

“Currently, I am pursuing my MBA in LPU, and only last year I had joined my friend's organization who had started his venture during the college years. We started working on some events and at one of these events, there was a certainly accomplished speaker who encouraged us to start an industry-academia board.After this, we brainstormed over the pros and cons of starting this, and before we knew we had set it up with a lot of people on board with us. It felt amazing to see it work as we did not have any backup and that only made it seem much more wonderful. We were just two students determined to start something and we did it.Lately, due to our course exams, we had taken a small break from this and are looking forward to getting back at it. As the lockdown has been hard for everyone but this provided us with the opportunity to step into the world of entrepreneurship and I have only been thankful for it. This is why I believe that even in adversity there is always an opportunity in disguise and we just need to identify it and exploit it. The two of us created this in just two months and are trying to build a team today. We have big plans for this idea and only hope to be able to translate them into reality.I have always been the one to live a life full of activities and believe that it is my time management that is helping me get all the things done in time hence increasing my productivity. ”Procrastination is the worst enemy one can have and should always stay away from it. There will be lazy days but should not become a habit.”

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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