Mansi Halarnkar

Mansi Halarnkar

Mansi Invest (Financial Planner, Money Manager, Wealth Creation)

“I realized from a young age the sense of peace, security, and dignity that successful financial planning, budgeting, saving, and investing can provide. Eventually, I got landed in the financial service industry, with a motto to help people and give security to their families.I used to work in the corporate sector as an accountant before having a son. I took a sabbatical and enjoyed motherhood for 3 years and then I ventured into the world of entrepreneurship.As the saying goes, you reach where you are destined to be. I started out in 2005 and since I could not leave my child without any care, I made arrangements for him at my parents and friends house when I had to run around for the business. This was the main challenge during the initial years of my business. Having lost in-laws ago and my husband having a busy schedule, my parents have been a huge support system for me.Now that I look back at the struggle, I realize that there is nothing I would do differently. It has been an incredibly beautiful journey. At Mansi Invest we handle 750 clientele portfolios of which many are Doctors, Professionals, HNI, and NRIs as well. I have been honored with more than 50+ awards and one from Anupam Kher for the best business services.If you are determined to achieve something you will find a way for it. I have not only acquired clients but built a solid relationship with a lot of trust with them which is the greatest achievement of all.My immense gratitude to all the people being with me.As human beings, we should always come forward and help others. Be it personal and professional life. The power of unity is unimaginable. I believe that happiness multiplies and that in itself gives a unique satisfaction. We should practice it every day!"

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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