Saloni Jain, Diya Jain

Saloni Jain, Diya Jain

Tickle Of Ecstasy

“When the lockdown happened I found a lot of free time at my dispense and did not know how to use it productively. This was until I realized that I can turn a very simple thing that I always do into a business idea. And that was making chocolates. I used to make chocolates for my friends and family on a regular basis and was even good at it. So, then I thought of taking this online and advertising it via Instagram.Soon after I started I thought of making a gift hamper one day and that was it. Since then I have expanded the entire idea to a gifting solution platform. My sister who used to work with a Big 4 company also joined me, because she had always been keen to become an entrepreneur and this was her chance. She also brought the professional help that was needed for our business and together we even did certification courses in digital marketing and Instagram-specific courses as well. Although all this has been a walk in the park, we faced our share of challenges too. Since we were two young girls trying to get into the business world, we faced a lot of trust issues. People did not have faith in us and did not shy away from showing that. Gradually, with our efforts and handwork, we were able to win them over and establish a solid name for ourselves. One that rung of trust and quality.Today, we have over 2000 followers on Instagram with a reach of more than 20,000. Our business had completed around 750+ orders till day. We have not outsourced any of our jobs as of yet and everything that goes out to our customers is personally curated by us. This business has proven to be one of the best decisions of our lives so far and we are willing to give our hundred percent to make it grow.Follow your dreams.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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