Varun Sarda

Varun Sarda

“After having a terrible experience with an online trailing agency, I decided that I must get into this business and actually provide the services that people are looking for. This is how my team and I launched our flight booking engine in 2014 when it was still a new idea in the market. The engine was doing good, but this success was short-lived, as the competition became fierce.Since we were not as big as others we could not afford to give the insane discounts and cashbacks that they did to get the customer. So we thought hard on what’s the biggest problem that a frequent traveller faces. And the answer was exorbitant flight cancellation charges. In Aug 2016, we became India’s 1st OTA to offer Free Flight Cancellation on all domestic flights. This brought tremendous publicity and increased our reach. We were a team of 8 doing more than 100 transactions a day.We had competition replicate our model within 8 months, we were ought to look for more revenue models. This is when we got into holiday planning, after I visited this beautiful island in africa. In no time we were contributing in large number of Indian Arrivals. This continues today along with other destinations, our holiday booking engine is one of the fastest in the country fetching various itineraries within seconds.This February, we did around 350-holiday bookings even in the pandemic and it was also our all-time high. I believe in the ’20 seconds of courage’ mentality and I think that 20 seconds is all the push we need.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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