Aniket Jha

Aniket Jha

Dygn Media

“The idea of starting my business always influenced me. For many young entrepreneurs, getting their parent's support is quite tricky. But in my case, my parents were very supportive. I can confidently say I couldn't have found success without them. The key to convincing conservative parents to support your entrepreneurial dreams is to prepare them in advance. Make sure they know this isn't a spur-of-the-moment idea.My first exposure to entrepreneurship was practically in my teens. Then I have worked with corporates, my first independent start-up was in my early 20's, and after that, I pursued my master's in London.My current venture Dygn Media is a full-fledged digital marketing agency. It has been an eventful journey so far. I Started from Nagpur, with practically a decade of experience with significant corporate companies and living in metros; beginning from a tier 2 city was difficult. Initially, people were hesitant to allow and outsource their social media handles and website development to us. However, over a while, we were able to showcase our expertise in data security, creativity, and conversions of generated leads, attract customers, and build trust. We provide brand strategy consulting, website development, content writing, social media management, web hosting, creatives, email marketing, lead generation Google AdWords, advertising campaigns. One of the most significant advantages of choosing Dygn Media is that we take a holistic approach to a brand.Entrepreneurship is about getting challenged every day, be it regulations, team, customers, even your work-life balance. All I can say is, 'it is worth it.'The most outstanding achievements are yet to come, but I think we are working in the right direction. Every customer we take is an achievement for us. We are an ISO-certified digital marketing agency. Our customers are present in 3 Continents of the world. I would say, Under Promise, over-deliver."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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